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. america rejected paul ryan. apparently john boehner didn't get the memo. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> we have seen people talk about a possible compromise. is that something that's accepted? >> no. >> democrats aren't budging. the union breaks news on my radio show. >> how will you feel if the bush tax cuts expired across the board and we started over with the obama tax cuts? >> i think that would be acceptable. >> former labor secretary robert rush and bill pascrell on the latest movement on the fight for the middle class. >> a judge orders mediation for hostess and its employees. but make no mistake, the vulture capitalists will get their cut. i'll talk twinkie. >>> plus john mccain continues to spiral out of control over benghazi. >> the chickens are now coming home to roost. >> the banks revolt against elizabeth warren. >>> and workers are threatening strikes at walmart stores across america. >> we expect our associates to do their job. >> josh ed elson has the latest on the workers versus walmart. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. democratic leaders a
evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. america rejected paul ryan. apparently john boehner didn't get the memo. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> we've seen talk about a possible compromise that would leave rates the same, but cap the deductions for high income earners. is that something acceptable? >> no. >> democrats aren't budging. the service employees international union breaks news on my radio show. >> how would you feel if the bush tax cuts expired all the way across the board and we started over with the obama tax cuts? how would that work for you? >> i think that would be acceptable. >> former labor secretary robert reich and congressman bill pascrell on the latest movement on the fight for the middle class. >>> a judge orders mediation for hostess and its employees. but make no mistake, the vulture capitalists will get their cut. i'll talk twinkie with rolling stone's matt taibbi. >>> plus john mccain. >> the chickens are now coming home the roost. >>> the banks revolt against elizabeth warren, and workers are threatening strikes at walmart
is that going to go over with the tea party? >> paul ryan and others will not win this issue. >> here's a news flash. >> the elections have consequences. >> we just had this election. >> it's already starting 2016. >> we're already talking about 2016. >> marco rubio. >> chris christie is off and run running. >> you have been wearing that fleece a lot. >> i'm going to die in this fleece. >>> good evening. i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. rush limbaugh was at war with the republican party over what mitt romney told top donors on a conference call last week. >> the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> tmz reports that mitt and ann romney watched the new "twilight" movie on saturday night, but sunday there was no romance between the republicans and mitt romney. >> we're in a big hole. we're not getting out of it by comments like that. when you're in a hole, stop digging. he keeps digging. >> i reject what he said. if we want peo
ask you about the choice of paul ryan to be involved in a negotiation when he has seemed to dig his heels in a fairly ideological way for the last several years? >> well, it's something that speaker boehner has done to exert his influence over the house republican conference. the idea from my conversations with boehner aides is that look, paul ryan is a very popular figure within the house republican conference. any possible deal or compromise must have his fingerprints on it. but make no mistake, alex, this is not going to be paul ryan as the chief negotiator of this deal. it's still going to be john boehner, john boehner's people, they are battle tested when it comes to these deficit deals and having paul ryan in the room is simply a way for john boehner to try to avoid and watch out -- avoid any consternation within his conference and watch out for his flank which as we know from 2011 he's had a mighty difficult time getting things through his group of fellow republicans who are not too keen on any compromise, be much less one in this case that could increase tax rates. >> it see
't ready. they had just been elected, people like chris christie, people like paul ryan. >> one cycle too soon. >> people like mike pence and mitch daniels, like jeb bush. the republicans have a very deep bench. bobby jindal, a bumper crop of governors and senators as well. >> michelle, molly mentioned chris christie. i will say i was -- i am surprised at the level of criticism he is getting within the republican world. >> absolutely. >> do you buy that this hurts chris christie in any meaningful way going forward? as a potential candidate? >> absolutely not. despite what is happening and the rhetoric going on with republicans who are angry with chris christie, people in new jersey love chris christie. >> his numbers are great. his polling for the handling of hurricane sandy. >> absolutely. and there is something refreshing about the fact he seems to be above politics. he calls it like he sees it. quite frankly, today's republican party has imploded and there is room for a chris christie. there is room for bobby jindal and all the other people we're talking about because they are not your
. for the republicans, their top favorites mike huckabee, chris christie, marco rubio, paul ryan. >> stephen: yes, 2016 is on! (laughter) which means any moment now arizona should be finished counting their 2012 ballots. (laughter) now, folks, i've got to tell you, this 2016 thing is really pre-heating up. but i say why stop at 2016? (laughter) i need to know the early favorites for 2020. (cheers and applause) how is chelsea clinton stacking up against tag romney? (laughter) more importantly, will tag be able to ward off a last-ditch challenge by mitt romney? (laughter) oh, he's running. and as america's premier news reader, it's my duty to stay way way ahead of these races. that's why tonight i am proud to launch my coverage of election: 2072, race to the white or. (cheers and applause) brought to you by virtual olive garden. (laughter) when you're technically not here you're family. (laughter) now, so far, in 2072 looks like it's going to be a matchup between robocheney versus a swarm of sentient nano hornets. those nano hornets are going to be tough to beat, folks, because i hear this weekend they w
the milk and the -- (laughter). but then dealing with paul ryan, dealing with trump, all these people that had his back supposedly and just him being there and the only person he had to rely on through it all was his wife. i think that's nice. i thought it was a thoughtful way to sort of say, you know, (bleep) off. (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> jon: you look at -- he has undeniably like -- talk about a family -- people say the most important thing is family. talk about a family unit that is large, successful, good looking. you wonder, you turned around and you saw them all surround him at his concession spaoefpb and he's so heartbroken and that sense of "at least i still have my family." but do you think he looked at them like "all right. whatever." >> this will do. this will be fine. no i truly think that the guy's more human than we give him credit for. >> jon: did he ever stop by? >> i've never met him or joe biden. my father met joe biden in 2008 and had a really funny line where he said to the senator at that time, you know, hey, you do the best impression of my son i've ev
blustering. mitt romney and paul ryan talking about how to pay for their plan but not a single deduction or exclusion they would change in order to pay for it. so from the white house's perspective the way to do this, the right sequencing is let the bush tax cuts expire, pocket the money. do tax reform over the next y r year. if you come up with a plan, if you can get that plan ratified, raising the same amount of money and it's reasonable, we can talk about it. we can do it through tax reform. first the money, you make sure it's real and you lock it in. >> is that the whole reason why this negates a conversation about tax later even though mitch mcconnell has taken to the microphones to acknowledge the money is on the table? >> right. so for them the idea that revenue is on the table is, for the republicans, revenue is on the table means tax reform. they want to do it and the democrats don't buy that revenue is truly on the table. they don't buy when republicans say revenue is on the table and democrats say revenue is on the table that both sides are talking about the same thing. let m
. and the paul ryans and marco rooub rubios, they have no foreign policy. they are going to have to wait. we're going to have to hope they will educate themselves and find something worthwhile and an opposition to the democrats, but the democrats and to some extent the press did learn from the iraq debacle. but they are in this sort of denial about the iraq war like everything else. >> we need to force progress there. i don't know how it's going to happen. >> it's all up to you now. >> they are in tnot going to li to me or you. frank, it's always good to have you here. >>> have you ever, speaking of iraq, failed really dismally at something and then feared the consequences of you failing so dismally? i have a story that will set your mind at ease. nothing bad might happen to you, no matter how bad you failed. hold on. >>> the republican party got shellacked in the election this year. nobody has been elected with an unemployment rate this high. but president obama did it and did it by a lot. it was just supposed to be a no brain brainer this year that the republicans would take back the senat
for the country, those would be good signs. >> what was your immediate thinking about paul ryan and where did you end up thinking? >> my immediate was i cannot believe they're going to do this. just -- i -- axelrod always thought it was going to be paul ryan. >> he did not. he thought it was going to be tim pawlenty. >> ax looked at me and said they are going to pick paul ryan. at the time i thought to myself, they're going to spend a lot of time on defense on medicare, medicaid, all whole bunch of issues. >> they were not divisive issues. >> did you see how close florida was? i think they spent some time defending it. we obviously thought it was important. we air anded several labs -- aired several ads. i thought he added some youth and energy. they had a base concerns and he helped those. so i am not criticizing the pick i just think there were other -- >> you are. >> i was giving an assessment of the good and bad. >> was the helpful? he gave them excitement. he bought them silence from conservatives. did that help or hurt mitt romney? >> i do not think it did much of be there. here is the trut
that mitt romney would win, republicans would take the senate, we would almost instantly have the paul ryan budget implemented with all of the entitlement reforms. now he's carrying right on saying, in fact, the republicans are in a stronger position today and government is on the run more than ever before. look, he has to do this to kind of keep his troops in line. his troops largely being the house republicans. but i heard from republicans on the senate side who are saying, you know, grover is really no longer speaking for the party here. something really has changed and i think this is a rear guard action he's doing to just kind of slow down the pace of the retreat. >> the thing about it is i have never blamed grover by himself. i mean, he's an opportunistic lobbyist. the people who you kind of blame here are the ones who sign away their democratic, you know, job really by signing the pledge, and when you hear that some of those folks are starting to really back off and do so publicly, that's a very good sign, martin. >> yeah. one almost wonders what on earth they were doing being electe
they are in washington, mcconnell, boehner, you name it, paul ryan, democrats, pelosi, reid, they are working today. maybe it will take tomorrow and thursday off. but they know time is of the essence. they have to do this before the christmas holiday because you don't want people thinking their taxes are going to increase during the largest spending time of the year. now let's get to steve cohen which is fascinating. i mean clearly cohen is implicated in this case with this fund manager. now, has he been charged? no. here's the deal, the fund manager, worked for him, was a major fund manager at sac capital, one of their satellite divisions that dealt directly with cohen. i can't remember his name. liz: get the name right. >> help me out. get your producing team to get his name right. here's the thing, this guy says he's innocent. the real question is steve cohen. what is the future of steve cohen? and where is he? i can tell you in a major way cohen is being eyed by the federal investigators. he's been in the news a lot. we have a very interesting conversation, a deposition he gave in a civil suit.
, paul ryan spoke about losing the race because of urban voters. take a look. >> the polling we had, the numbers we were looking at looked like we stood a pretty good chance of winning. so when the numbers came in, going the other direction, when we see the kind of turnout that was occurring in urban areas, which were fairly unprecedented, it did come as a shock. those are the kind of losses, that catch you by surprise. >> co-founder of sun pac, conservative outreach program for the hispanic community jeb bush jr. >> thanks for having me. >> my pleasure. certainly the president won paul ryan's own district, which is white and suburban, won eric cantore's own district, white and suburban. what do you think is your reason ultimately for why the gop lost? >> i think as it relates to our our ban, latino and hispanic districts, we didn't get the message out. they had a better message tas relates to immigration and the economy. it was a tough night. we're looking forward to take a word from the presidential campaign, we're looking forward to the mid terms in 2016 and be working hard to ge
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)